“The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is only light if we are brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.” — Amanda Gorman

As we gracefully conclude another chapter, let us pause to express gratitude for the gifts that the past year bestowed upon us. In the enchanting montage that unfolded throughout 2023, Rithihi embraced each fleeting moment as a vital stride in the ever-unfolding journey of life. Our store became home to many new names and faces as we welcomed an array of exceptionally talented designers and skilled artisans and traversed the boundless realms of creativity. Collaborations blossomed, each one a testament to regal elegance and sparkling hues that define our shared heritage.
This year, our hearts swelled with pride as we wholeheartedly embraced our mission of uplifting rural communities. Our journey has been one of giving voice to artisans who hail from the far reaches of India and Sri Lanka. In doing so, we paid tribute to the generations who have painstakingly woven the silent narratives of tradition that have endured for centuries. As guardians of this invaluable heritage, our dedication has been to paving a path for empowerment and cultural preservation.

For our final celebration of 2023, we eagerly await the Raw Mango showcase. This brand is a living mosaic, built on the vibrant colours, diverse philosophies and rich heritage that define India. Within their range of saris, Raw Mango initiates captivating conversations in textile and culture, delving deep into the nuanced artistry of Mashru, Benarasi, and Ikat.
Raw Mango’s designs boldly innovate upon centuries-old techniques, aspiring to define a fresh aesthetic that is distinctly their own. The collection stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to pushing artistic boundaries, creating a fusion of styles that balance tradition and contemporary flair.

Opulent silks and rich linen zaris speak the language of glamour and sophistication, yet the true essence of Raw Mango lies in its meaningful collaboration with local artisans. Skilled hands bring forth the vibrant traditions of Rajasthan, the wondrous ingenuity of Madhya Pradesh, the artistic finesse of West Bengal and the unfading allure of Varanasi.

In joining hands with Raw Mango, we are reminded of enduring values and a spirit that unites us all. The thoughtfully curated collection at Rithihi will become a joyous symphony celebrating unity, diversity, and shared traditions.

As the air grows chilly and the rain softly taps on our window panes, ushering in the arrival of December, our hearts fervently anticipate the merry season of Christmas. This special time of the year carries the warmth where families unite, sharing love and laughter, creating cherished memories amidst the glow of twinkling lights and festive decorations. The spirit of giving comes alive as we express gratitude, goodwill and embrace the timeless traditions that make the year’s finale truly magical.

As this chapter quietly folds to give way to another, let us cast our gaze not just near, but far, to reflect on the collective struggles of the world in which we live. As an extension of our festivities, let us embrace a vision for a more harmonious world, where the spirit of gratitude and hope for bright new beginnings resonates universally. It is a moment for contemplation, a time to recognise that, despite our differences, we are intricately bound together by our shared humanity.

May our wish for a peaceful world transcend mere sentiment and evolve into a resounding call to action. Let us collectively strive to build a future where the threads of empathy, respect, and a profound understanding for all beings weave a tapestry of compassion and harmony.

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