A Journey of Ethnic Elegance



As we near the closing of a year’s chapter, let us appreciate the beauty of transitions, with golden moments etched in the mosaic of our memories. November ushers in the season for introspection, a time to ponder the passage of time and prepare for new beginnings.

This month, we delve into the heart of the Rithihi collection, venturing on the path of exploration. Where old and new intertwine in harmonious unity, the luxury of silk extends a divine touch. Beginning with our classic silk saris, which pay homage to the traditional and the time-honoured, we take great joy in adding a thoughtfully curated selection of new saris and shawls created from the finest silks. In each thread, these fabrics cradle wonder and enchantment. A personification of nature’s gentlest whisper, an enigma that holds us in eternal fascination.

Journeying further, the linen weaves of Bengal stand as the epitome of tradition and refinement, captivating all with their understated charm. They are a manifestation of traditional Indian attire, where comfort and style coexist harmoniously within a single, exquisite package. Our woven linen zari saris serve as versatile canvases that unveil the talent of Bengal’s artisans. They are meticulously crafted pieces of art that transform from casual elegance to opulent splendour, when paired with a variety of Rithihi accessories.

Charting a course to Europe, we meet the legendary William Morris. A century and a half since the birth of many of his creations, the artist’s motifs endure like ageless echoes. Morris held intimate dialogues with nature’s flora, translating their secrets into a language uniquely his own; his inspiration sprouting from the abundance of his garden and the sprawling countryside. Yet, the ethereal whispers of the Renaissance and the intricate geometry of Islamic art were like distant constellations that also guided his creative compass, casting a cosmic spell upon his work.

Repetition, symmetry, and structural integrity were at the heart of Morris’s artistic universe. Some of his designs flowed with grace and fluidity, while others adhered to a stricter, more rigid composition. The magnetic appeal of his designs emerged from the seamless interplay of simplicity and richness. Each motif was thoughtfully crafted, with repetition never seeking to dominate but to be a harmonious companion, accentuating the intricacy of the design. It is in the profound paradox of Morris’s work that one discovers its true magic – a duality of maximalism and serene tranquility. The patterns, despite their vibrant dynamism, exude a serene calmness.

Where East meets West, we invite you to immerse yourself in the eternal elegance of William Morris through our hand-spun, hand-woven silk saris adorned with screen prints that draw inspiration from his iconic collection.

As we peer around the corner, awaiting the embrace of the festive season, we are beckoned into the world of Raw Mango. This is a design house, where artisans from the heartlands of Rajasthan, the soulful depths of Madhya Pradesh, the artistic tapestries of West Bengal, and the intricate lanes of Varanasi, converge in a celebration of craft and a communion of community. Raw Mango resonates deeply with the spirit and values of Rithihi, enduring as one of our longstanding collaborators; their creations have continued to find a welcoming place on our shelves.

Saris from Raw Mango serve as vibrant expressions, woven with the myriad colours, diverse philosophies and the kaleidoscope of cultures that define India’s rich heritage. They become a unique, resonant voice, embarking on a voyage of questioning place and perspective through the canvas of design.

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