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Rithihi springs from meditations on beauty and rhythm. It comes alive as an evolving curation of sarees and other wearables sourced from South Asia, with rich collections that represent the artisanal and cultural diversity in every country of the subcontinent. Rithihi collections are a reflection of our love for the raw materials, textiles, hand processes, makers and heritages that make up the magic of the saree.

Rithihi began in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In 2002, it opened its doors at 19 Alfred House Gardens, Colombo 03. It unites a personal search to understand beauty and rhythm, with our love for the saree and the many stories that surround its mystique. Over the years, Rithihi evolved into a broader representation of the saree and other subcontinental styles, by incorporating the craft and the creativity behind their making, and bringing together designers, artisans, artists and brands from the region.

Today, Rithihi draws in a circle of people who share a deep appreciation for the saree and woven fabric, through a dedicated store in Colombo. Here, much more than a stunning collection is made available to Rithihi shoppers through continuing exhibitions, artisan markets and workshops.

Among Rithihi’s close circle are also those who resonate with our explorations into what beauty means, and in understanding rhythm as an all-important dimension of life. Our quarterly newsletter , and curated experiences involving music, dance and other artforms bring these essential dimensions of Rithihi to life.