Feeling at home

They say home is not a place, it’s a feeling; and, we’ve all grown to understand this idea with new depth after all the months in lockdown. Think about what you learned about finding little comforts, spending more time with your folk, simplicity and everyday joy. For us, that beautiful at-home mood is captured perfectly in these adorable kurtas made from Jaipur handblock printed handwoven cotton.

Look at those patterns! We adore those lovely florals and geometric shapes; Some are traditional motifs and borders used by hand block printers for generations. We find that their simplicity and cheerful colours perfectly mirror the ‘at home’ feeling that we’ve all grown to love throughout the lockdowns. These kurtas channel simple joy and everyday beauty with such ease that we think they make the ideal companions for those who want to hold on to that feeling of home when returning to work again.

These short kurtas were made by local tailors that we work with. The handwoven cotton of these kurtas is so lightweight and easy on your skin, that they often become wardrobe favourites of many, rotated heavily between work, play, and home. Do you have an outfit that makes you feel right at home? Share your story with us; we love to know how clothing makes people feel.

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