Like a leaf in the sun

Image: Rithihi store, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Growth is not a battle to be hurried, but a slow walk down the road from home.

We’re musing on the idea of growth, especially at times like this, when things seem to have been brought to a halt. Looking at plantlife—living things that are synonymous with the idea of growth, despite being rooted in one place—we realise that it’s about simply working at something slowly, while staying in focus. This plant at the Rithihi store tells us to channel our energy and resources, as they come, without losing sense of that wonderfully warm sunlit spot where we want to be.

To everyone who has been waiting to get their Rithihi package, or hear back from us on the availability of that beautiful piece you’ve been eyeing, thank you! Things have been slow; but, we’re working on figuring out ways to make the Rithihi collection more accessible to you regardless of the lockdowns. Step by step, piece by piece, slowly but surely, we’re getting to all your inquiries and orders from around the world.

We’re sharing this beautiful album—Rainforest by Elephant Foot—to give you a taste of Rithihi. One of our most popular in-store moods, this music captures the beauty of slow growth that we see so often in nature. It’s the slow rhythm of trees growing; of a new leaf emerging; of roots feeling through earth for drops of life. Listen, feel, and enjoy! See you soon.

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