Rithihi is always searching the depth of beauty as a quality that penetrates much more than what meets the eye. This means observing the idea of beauty through several lenses like purpose, inspiration, interaction and service to others. Our love for rhythm is rooted in seeing it as a sense of intuitive wisdom when it comes to identifying life’s patterns and understanding change. This space is a collection of musings from our personal search into rhythm and beauty, as well as of interesting ideas and inspirations sourced from our circles and collaborators around the world.

Slowly, but surely.

Image: Luxshman Nadaraja

When everything on the surface of life suddenly stopped last March, the storms moving inside us became more apparent. With the world ostensibly still, movement suddenly bore a strange mystique. We couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that everything is always moving. The universe, with the stars, the galaxies, blackholes, planets and us within

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