The best is yet to come

The best is yet to come

“What feels like the end is often the beginning.”

Beginnings bring with them, excitement, hope and opportunities for change; but before we usher in the new, we must say goodbye to the old.

As we close the chapter that is 2022, let us take a moment for reflection and acceptance. The past year tested us all, no one was left untouched; yet, we found strength and resilience in unity. We learnt valuable lessons to carry with us into the future. In tough times, leaning on those who are near and dear, we realise how much we have to be grateful for. It is in times like these, we should pause to count our blessings.

As 2022 fades into a memory, we stand on the edge of possibility.

The New Year for Rithihi promises plenty that’s new and a little something old! The prospect of curating creative new collections that celebrate eclectic artforms; while bringing back a few old favourites from Raw Mango and Anavila.

Our very first collection of 2023 symbolises a new dawn that brings with it a fresh awakening: we embrace the purity of white.


This year, we celebrated one of Sri Lanka’s most talented artists and style icons. Ena de Silva was a force that revolutionised the textile industry.

Ena took a keen interest in Kandyan Embroidery, which has a tradition of combining colours schemes chosen to match local tastes with traditional Sinhalese motifs. Her take on traditional Kandyan embroidery was inspired both by its antecedents and also other traditional motifs in artistic culture such as lotuses that are abundant in temple paintings.


The intricacy of the work produced at the Aluwihare Heritage Centre, where the artist’s legacy lives on, can be traced to the traditional stitches recorded by Ethel Coomaraswamy in her pamphlet of 1915; along with other techniques invented by de Silva along the way.

Kandyan Embroidery is done using a traditional hand-stitching technique that must be executed with precision. This particular work, which called for many hands working within the discipline of these stitches, was the saving grace of workers during COVID-19 pandemic.


Journey through time and culture with our range of iconic Bengal saris that come together in a bouquet of techniques and designs. The contrasting colours and textures of Appliqué and the awe-inspiring inlaid motifs of Jamdani, one of the most advanced hand weaving techniques are just taste of what’s in store.

To herald the New Year, we have curated a flawless selection of white and ivory Bengal saris. Tant cottons from the looms of West Bengal, stand out for their thick borders, decorative pallus and artistic floral or paisley motifs; the finest of Bengal silks, from Tussar to Muga; intricate cotton Jamdanis; and more.


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

The crisp smell of a new book is hard to describe. Turning to that first page becomes the beginning of an adventure!

In this fast-paced electronic era, many of us often find ourselves looking for an escape to relax and recharge. Getting lost in a good book can provide that much needed break, a chance to be still while stimulating your mind.

We invite you to browse in our Book Corner, the Rithihi store’s newest addition. Our collection, from Perera Hussein Publishing House, features the literary works of Sri Lankan authors and extends to fiction, history, travel and more!

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