Each new beginning carries the transformative spirit of renewal, transcending boundaries of the past and urging us towards territories yet to be explored. January marks the beginning of fresh opportunities, and at Rithihi, we’re grateful for the continued support of our loyal customers who have been part of our journey. We invite you to join us as we embrace the new year with purpose and style.

Get ready for our latest curations that seamlessly blend tradition and skill, offering timeless pieces of exceptional quality. We’re excited to share these with you as we embark on another year of exploration and creativity.

At Rithihi, our commitment to promoting handcrafted textiles remains unwavering. This month, dive into the world of Kolam saris and stoles, celebrated for their craftsmanship and rich heritage.

Join us in celebrating the artistry and stories woven into each masterpiece. Named after the Tamil word for ‘pattern,’ Kolam draws inspiration from diverse landscapes, creating a tapestry that reflects hilly backwoods, arid zones, serene wetlands, and sunny coastal shores.

Rooted in Jaffna, Kolam is deeply committed to sustainability, using vegetable dyes and actively working to improve the lives of its artisans. By choosing sustainable fashion, you make a statement for sustainability, preserving traditional craftsmanship, and investing in a lasting legacy.

Journeying west to Colombo, we meet Nelun Harasgama, a maestro weaving light and joy into her Ohe Island creations. A purposeful balance of colours, each sari is inspired by the work of a fellow artist. Nelun dabbles gracefully in batik and patchwork, reflecting a deep love for all things handmade. She thoughtfully reimagines age-old narratives, crafting them into expressions that resonate with the modern fashion connoisseur’s discerning palette.
Stay tuned for more exciting in-store events! Connect with us at our physical store in Colombo or online at Keep an eye out for details on events that promise to blend style with substance.

Step into a world where craftsmanship meets community. Each interaction is filled with passion and purpose. Your presence enriches our story, and we eagerly look forward to the experiences we’ll share in the coming year.

Here’s to a year filled with purpose, style, and the joy of shared experiences.

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