Linen love

Image: Primula Natural Linen Sari

Linen is one of those fabrics that embody the Rithihi view of beauty so perfectly. The beauty of linen is something that runs through and through, going beyond the experience on your skin and eyes, to one that brings a lesson of strength and resilience; of prevailing against adversity, and growing graceful with the stains and scars that life leaves you with. That’s why our love for linen runs deep.

Linens have been part of the Rithihi collection for a long time. We find linen sarees wonderful, and it was a big reason why we started working with the largely linen-based brand Anavila. Their linen sarees are a wonderful celebration of the comfort and raw elegance that comes from the material’s natural properties. Linen is not an easy yarn to weave into a saree on the loom. This is because it breaks easily during weaving. Linen’s low elastic recovery means that it gets crumpled easily; a material quality that pushed linen saree brands like Anavila to view their loom set-up in a completely different manner.

Making a linen saree is a process that takes anywhere from fifteen to sixty days including pre-loom prep. It all depends on the weave, the texture of that particular linen, and the saree design. We love these undyed linen sarees that Anavila released this year. We find them to be a beautiful homage to linen as a material and its natural beauty. These lovely sarees are now at Rithihi with Anavila’s ‘Bloom’ collection.

If you want to find out more about these beautiful natural linen sarees, write back with questions.

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