Raw beauty

Image: Polemonium Natural Linen Sari

The beautiful colour of the natural linen yarn puts us in the mind of long fields ending with beautiful blue skies, and a poem by Jarred Carter;

Scattered among bundles of flax in the rain,
pinned under the water by smooth stones, broken,
spun, wound, and gathered in the bright skeins,

of blond thread—like bronze or silk, I gained
knowledge of the old ways still unspoken,
scattered among bundles of flax. …”

The colours of this stunning saree come from the natural gradation seen in the linen fibre. It brings out the discreet beauty of line and makes a beautiful tribute to the flax fields that stretch into the summer sky. The minimal border woven with linen dyed in a contrasting colour sets off the natural fibre, celebrating its raw beauty.

This gorgeous saree that’s part of the Anavila ‘Bloom’ collection, is now available at Rithihi. It also comes with the pictured blouse fabric. Although we’re closed during the lockdown, you can still browse our collection, and learn more about your favourite Anavila linen sarees at Rithihi via Whatsapp.

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