Blessing blue

Every now and then, comes a time of special significance—when you want to gather all the goodness in the world and project it to someone; when you want to direct a river of peace; when you want to look, feel, and channel trust, and courage; when you want to assure loyalty with the certainty of the sky and the ocean, there’s only one colour. Only blue.

This gorgeous saree ‘Gita’ by Raw Mango is the ultimate festive blue saree for all the special celebrations that call for the sincerest blessings. Made in authentic handwoven Chanderi silk with a gold zari border, ‘Gita’ is in an electric royal blue that has a subtle sheen to it. We love, love, love how weightless it feels and the impressive day-to-night versatility. Taking care of extremely lightweight textiles like Chanderi silks is so important. This means dry cleaning them using gentle substances, storing them wrapped in thin fabrics like muslin, and most importantly keeping away from sunlight, and safely dry. If you want to preserve your favourite silks for years, remember to take them out every now and then, and hang them to air out.

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