Not quite traditional, yet, wonderfully familiar. Not quite a stranger, but still, something inexplicably unacquainted… Age-old arrangements of beauty brought into contemporary sensibilities, but never into the mundane everyday…

We adore this saree ‘Kinari’ by Raw Mango, where one of the most iconic colour plays in South Asian palettes has been seen with fresh eyes; The beautiful complementarity between deep green and magenta has been brought to new heights with a touch of gold and set against the pristine loveliness of pure cotton white.

Like most Raw Mango sarees, this classic beauty is also a beautiful silk-cotton mix made in Chanderi. It is one of the most iconic sarees that the brand had created, and one of their oldest designs. Kinari has been returning to the shelves again and again, with refreshing new variations owing to its timeless appeal. One of our absolute favourites, and available as part of the Raw Mango collection at Rithihi, Kinari is that staple saree you never get tired of wearing.

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