Forever season

Beauty is imperfection. It is capturing the loveliness of things that are mortal, with all of life’s intensity intact. It is seeing the quietness that makes the vibrancy; the dark that makes the light; It is the sensation of sweet and sour making your tongue curl when biting into a raw mango at the brink of being ripe.

We’ve always loved Sanjay Garg’s work with his celebrated brand Raw Mango. The textiles and clothing they create are exceptional examples of how simplicity and richness can come together in a beautiful symbiosis. This is why Raw Mango is one of the staple brands housed here at Rithihi. Right now, we have some of Raw Mango’s most classic sarees here at our store in Colombo. These beautiful classics are part of the Raw Mango seasonless year-round collection, encapsulating the brand’s timeless essence so perfectly.

This beautiful saree— Chinmaya— is from the classic collection of Raw Mango sarees available at Rithihi right now. Lightweight and wearable, ‘Chinmaya’ balances black with a bold lime green border, and a gorgeous deep gold pallu. It strikes a refreshing balance between the sublimely minimal, the wonderfully vibrant, and the divinely beautiful. Handcrafted in the historic Madhya-Pradesh town Chanderi famed for its mastery in saree-weaving, this beauty has been made in a soft and lustrous silk-cotton mix. It is one of our favourites from Raw Mango’s classic collection at Rithihi. 

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