Seeing self

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Looking in the mirror just before stepping out, there’s a moment when you catch yourself. A moment where you measure the person in the mirror; where you estimate whether the image really reflects the soul within. Does it echo the things you believe in? Can those colours speak your strength? Do those patterns hold memories of the people and the places that are close to your heart?

The answer to these questions will only come in the thick of life, when you’re out there in all the colours and shades of yourself— a glorious sum of all the places and people that have shaped you. There’s no other way to know. So, you say goodbye to someone precious at home, and step outside into the great big world, ready to see yourself.

We love dressing our longtime muse Thaji Dias with Rithihi pieces. Our collection stems from ideas and aesthetics connecting to rhythm, which Thaji embodies perfectly— as she does with this stunning Kanchi cotton saree. Specially handcrafted for the Rithihi collection by Kanchipuram’s master weavers, we found this saree to be a beautiful reflection of Thaji’s spirit as both performer and person. The vibrancy of its colours and threadwork matched that of Thaji, while the rhythmic lines and patterns hint at the poetry in motion, bringing an effortless resonance with the dance phenomenon that she is. We dressed Thaji in this beautiful saree for Kaleidoscope with Savitri Rodrigo last month, where she was one of the creative forces speaking about navigating the arts in these challenging times. We just love the way it told her story and channeled her brilliance. It’s one of Rithihi’s greatest joys to see this kind of perfect synergy between a saree and its wearer.