Step in, float away

A story of a woman engrossed in hand embroidery upon a West-Bengali riverbank will float in with the music, as you enjoy the sight of a particularly beautiful shawl. At one quiet corner, you will suddenly get pulled into a new tale through a musical portal, where Nandi— Shiva’s sacred bull and symbol of patience— will sit unhurriedly at the entrance of Banaras temple. As you walk past vibrantly coloured sarees neatly folded to make a beautiful geometry, the sounds ringing in your ears will paint images of hands moving across the loom in a lovely up-down and sideways dance…

The mood at the Rithihi store in Colombo is partly created by this beautiful space, part by the beloved people and wearables within it, and part by the music we play.

The music we play in the store is a big part of the Rithihi experience. Often, people ask us about the playlists we select and where they can find them so that the same beautiful moods can be created back again at home, during work, or on the road. The music we love is inspired by the places that connect to the Rithihi collections, as well as the creators, brands, and designers that we work with. This amazing playlist has been part of making the Rithihi in-store mood for several years. Curated by Raw Mango for their tenth anniversary a few years back, it encapsulates many moods and stories that we love to soak up in. Raw Mango has created many playlists and even released an album last year amidst the lockdown; This playlist has been our all-time favourite, featuring the works of some fantastic musicians like Surinder Kaur and Baaba Maal. We love the way it transports the listener to near and far places where we can immerse in the beauty of textiles, fabrics, and their makers and places, through all-new sensations.

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More stories about music that Rithihi loves coming up in the next few months.