Tussar Silk Sarees: The Fine Fabric from the Wild.

Tussar Silk Sarees: The Fine Fabric from the Wild.

“This heritage does not belong to a single nation, race, or culture, or to a single time or place. The story of textiles is not a male story or a female story, not a European, African, Asian or American story. It is all of these, cumulative and shared – a human story, a tapestry woven from countless brilliant threads.”

– The Fabric of Civilization – How Textiles Made the World by Virginia Postrel

As legend inscribes, many thousands of years ago, Princess Si Ling Shi was having tea in her garden when she discovered silk thread quite by accident. Centuries later, Tussar Silk made an appearance during medieval times and gained the Sanskrit name, Kosa silk. This fabric, spun from special silk yarn, takes its natural golden hue from a wide-winged moth of yellowish-brown colour that dwells deep in the wild forests, in parts of the Asian Subcontinent. Spending three days to produce ten metres of fabric, a Tussar Silk saree is a labour of love; masterfully created mainly by women weavers who have passed on their craft for generations adding a wealth of knowledge and unmatched skill that cannot be replicated.

The Eclectic Tussar Silk Saree Collection from Rithihi

Tussar Silk in its natural state presents warm earth tones from pale cream to tawny honey. Vibrantly hued borders and pallus can be strikingly set off against the more muted shades. Paisley and floral motifs are often woven into the body; while striped or geometric patterns pair with more contemporary designs. Luxurious and rich to the touch and yet light and easy to drape; the permeable, cooling texture of this fabric is a true wonder of nature; ideal for sarees worn in tropical climes. Offering two shades of colour when viewed from different angles, Tussar lends a flattering elegance to its wearer.

The short fibre of Tussar Silk makes it durable and easy to maintain but take care to avoid stains. Ironing or dry cleaned every three months will help prolong the vitality and lustre of your saree.

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