Like the sun

No, it’s not a colour, but a liquid summer. It’s the sun caught in all the sunflowers… It’s that feeling shining through in a smile. It’s warmth. It’s hope. It’s the unbroken magnificence of gold. It’s a place where nothing ever dies.

This absolutely gorgeous Raw Mango saree in a beautiful yellow-gold exudes a quiet sense of euphoria that we just can’t get enough of. It radiates happiness, optimism and memories of a place in the sun. Handcrafted in pure silk, this saree has a lustre that only makes it even more luminous and incandescent, almost alight with a glow from within.

Looking closer, you can see super-fine lines made by golden thread crossing one another, forming checks that bring about a sense of serene balance. The simple border in a deeper nugget-gold shade encloses the vivid yellow-gold beautifully. These fantastic colours and the subtle details evoke moods of celebration in a remarkably poised way. The silk is wonderfully light and gentle on your skin, and drapes beautifully around the body. This stunning saree is one of our absolute favourite Raw Mango pieces here at the Rithihi store in Colombo.

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