Muga White Mihi Sari

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Muga is a special type of wild silk. Muga silk was unknown to the outside world until 1662, discovered by a French explorer on an exploration to Assam. It is thought by some that this golden Muga Silk is the fabled “yellow silk” that, in China, only the emperor was permitted to wear.

Muga silk is hardy in character. It endures for years and improves with each washing. Muga silk should be hand washed with its lustre increasing after every wash. Very often Muga silk outlives its owner and yet retain the shining gold colour.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

5.41 m


1.16 m

Blouse fabric

90 cms

Saree border

10 cms

Pallu length

1.24 m


Hand wash only


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