Living world

Image: Dhanak orange irregular tunic set by Anavila

Consider the flower that comes alive in the sun with all its colour, despite what the news says. Consider the tree that grows its roots through the concrete walls, no matter how hostile the world has been made. Consider the river that flows glistening regardless of what heartless hands have trashed in its waters… Consider them, and their resilient beauty that simply refuses to fade. The hopeful intensity with which nature continues to colour, unfurl and conduct herself is enough to encourage us for tomorrow, even in the bleakest hour.

The promise of hope, the spirited beauty of nature, and its raw impulse to survive against all odds—Anavila’s Dhanak collection says it all.

This gorgeous orange tunic set is from Anavila’s Dhanak festive collection that captures those exuberant colours in the natural world. The striking orange of this tunic set embodies a blooming flower’s raw coloured intensity and unabashed hope. We love the handwoven Matka silk that creates beautifully shaped voluminous silhouettes. It’s that rich, yet minimal, festive look that’s perfect for intimate events and private celebrations.

Get in touch to find out more about this beautiful set, and more from this series by Anavila.

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