When we were curating a capsule from the Anavila ‘Bloom’ collection to be housed here at Rithihi, we fell in love with this floral saree. What we really adore are those hand-painted roses that have then been digitally transferred onto the handwoven linen. They are absolutely lovely—don’t you think? It’s a saree that puts us in the mind of blossoming—the courageous act of becoming against all odds.

Handwoven in pure ivory linen, this saree is a true spring ensemble. Like all the pieces in Anavila’s ‘Bloom’ collection, this too is light, breezy, and an absolute delight to drape yourself in. The selvedge is in contrast colour that brings out the hand-painted flower motifs and gives its wearer a great detail to tie into with footwear and accessories; it brings a charming element of playfulness to the whole look.

This spring-like saree is just the visual treat to lift your spirits and make you see life’s never-ending urge to thrive against adversity—to grow; to come into bloom. Perhaps, another way to look at being locked down or homebound, is not that you have been buried by the world, but planted safely within it to unravel, and flourish.

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