Cottons from Kanchi

The story of Kanchipuram, India’s treasured silk saree town, actually started with cotton. It is thought that weavers first started gravitating towards Kanchipuram because it had many rivers, and was rich in red-black loamy soil; this allowed them to process cotton, dye, and bleach textiles easily. It is also thought that weaving communities thrived in Kanchipuram because the town has hundreds of historic temples, which meant that there was a steady stream of royal commissions coming to Kanchi weavers to create exquisitely crafted cottons to be offered to the gods. Later, even as the fascination with Kanchipuram silks grew and superseded that of Kanchi cottons, the knowledge of their ancient cotton craft was retained by the city’s weavers. The Kanchi cotton collection at Rithihi celebrates this traditional, authentic Kanchipuram cotton saree that’s at the heart of the city’s textile heritage.

This saree from our collection is a wonderful example of the traditional beauty and quality of cotton sarees handwoven in Kanchipuram. Soft and lightweight, it reminds you of the simple magic of cotton. With a gorgeous colour palette pairing a vivid green with red, and touches of black, orange and yellow, it is visually fascinating, yet subtle. We particularly love the ancient double-headed eagle motif woven to the pallu, as it links back to a rich reservoir of visual symbols that Kanchi weavers borrow from. Comfortable, durable, handwoven by artisans from an ancient heritage, and absolutely gorgeous, this is that authentic Kanchi cotton piece that any saree lover would want in their wardrobe.

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