Ludhiana warmth

Image: Punjabi wool shawls at Rithihi store.

The Rithihi collection is a celebration of handmade beauty; But, did you know that we house a curation of beautiful machine-made wool shawls too? These shawls were so lovely that they came to be among our Rithihi collection of handcrafted things, as remarkably beautiful pieces made by machine—absolute exceptions.

They come all the way from Ludhiana in Punjab—an industrial city where some of the first departures from handmade traditions came about. These shawls have a fine machine weave and carry beautiful motifs and colour combinations that we really like. Made from natural wool, they can keep you well warmed.

We have stocked and restocked these beauties several times due to their popularity. Being machine-made, these shawls take less manufacturing time compared to handmade ones; this allows us to offer them at great prices despite the authentic materials and unique beauty. Write back and tell us if you want to know more!

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