Silver Chain with Green Onyx & Green Adventurine Quartz

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Imbued with the echoes of history, Kundan jewellery echoes the grandeur of Rajput and Mughal eras. A craft woven from the threads of tradition; it has evolved into a veritable treasure trove of intricate designs. Inspiration flows like a river, drawing from mysteries of nature to the opulent splendour of India’s palaces and fortresses.

Once a style synonymous with gold and exclusively donned by royalty, Kundan jewellery has gracefully traversed the corridors of time. It has seamlessly integrated itself into the present, its
allure undiminished, while also unveiling silver iterations that resonate its opulent legacy.

Devi Jaipur’s exquisite creations are a testament to the artistry that dwells within precious pairings. Silver gracefully intertwines with lapis, while gold-plated silver finds its counterpart in the depths of green onyx and the vibrant elegance of green aventurine quartz.

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Silver with Green & White stone