Online Saree Shopping in Sri Lanka: The Artisanal Aspect

For online saree shopping in Sri Lanka, the prospects are quite often limited to collections with little sensibility in their arrangement and conveyed with too little information. Add to the list of frustrations of querying after a particular design only to find out that it is no longer available, an all too common occurrence.  

The newly launched Rithihi online experience was designed to stand apart from this commoditized outlook to realize a more need satisfying and value adding platform for the discerning saree lover looking to buy sarees online in Sri Lanka.

  • Kadambari Jewels

    $ 134 Add to basket
  • Darbari Shot Orange Koorai

    $ 582 Add to basket
  • Antique Bead Chain

    $ 384 Add to basket
  • Kadambari Afghan Dangle

    $ 50 Add to basket
  • Lapiz Lady Chain

    $ 229 Add to basket
  • Benaras Flower

    $ 44 Add to basket
  • Amrapali Jewellery – Turquiose

    $ 476 Add to basket
  • Benaras Teal

    $ 34 Add to basket
  • Behag White

    $ 27 Add to basket
  • Sama Benaras Silver

    $ 207 Add to basket
  • Darbari Orange and Gold

    $ 374 Add to basket
  • Ikat Blue Green

    $ 39 Add to basket
  • Kashmir Stole

    $ 98 Add to basket
  • Kalamkari Stole

    $ 40 Add to basket
  • Kantha Crepe

    $ 275 Add to basket
  • Sama Red

    $ 233 Add to basket
  • Kundan Red Silver

    $ 59 Add to basket
  • Hindol Peach

    $ 126 Add to basket
  • Hindol Pale Yellow

    $ 159 Add to basket
  • Sama Sky Blue

    $ 540 Add to basket
  • Kashmir Mustard

    $ 399 Add to basket
  • Kantha Blue Orange Stole

    $ 72 Add to basket
  • Kantha Classic Red Shawl

    $ 118 Add to basket
  • Aluwihare Heritage Stole

    $ 63 Add to basket
  • Nilambari Cotton 2

    $ 7 Add to basket
  • Nilambari Cotton 3

    $ 7 Add to basket
  • Indigo Check Mens Kurta

    $ 29 Select options
  • Ninela Crescent Necklace

    $ 159 Add to basket
  • Wooden Silver Chain

    $ 30 Add to basket
  • Kantha Cream Dupatta

    $ 222 Add to basket
  • Chikanwork Chalk Georgette

    $ 610 Add to basket
  • Chikankari Frost

    $ 274 Add to basket
  • Chikan Georgette White

    $ 418 Add to basket
  • Chikankari Oyster

    $ 307 Add to basket
  • Sama White Whisper

    $ 654 Add to basket
  • Sama Mashru White

    $ 698 Add to basket
  • Sama Magenta Pink

    $ 634 Add to basket
  • Darbari Lilac

    $ 548 Add to basket
  • Darbari Gold

    $ 884 Add to basket
  • Blue Stone Stud Hanging Earring

    $ 98 Add to basket
  • Multicolor Bead Stud Hanging Earring

    $ 90 Add to basket
  • Silver Chain with Green Onyx & Green Adventurine Quartz

    $ 294 Add to basket
  • Adventurine Quartz and Coral Earrings

    $ 63 Add to basket
  • Silver Chain with Blue Stone Pendant

    $ 257 Add to basket
  • Blue Jamdani

    $ 276 Add to basket
  • Jamdani Cotton

    $ 305 Add to basket
  • Jamdani White and Grey

    $ 305 Add to basket
  • Kadambari Silver And Pearl Chain

    $ 99 Add to basket
  • Ikat Monochrome Harmony

    $ 515 Add to basket
  • Gold Check Bailou

    $ 318 Add to basket
  • Dhakai Dream Green

    $ 108 Add to basket
  • Benaras Silk Tissue Sari

    $ 482 Add to basket
  • Benaras Silk Dupatta

    $ 224 Add to basket
  • Benaras Silk Oganza Dupatta

    $ 111 Add to basket

What’s different about Rithihi ‘online’?

Being an artisanal brand, we feel our sarees need to be portrayed in a more experiential tone and to this end, we have used an almost narrative-driven approach to communicate key information such as colour, style, heritage and occasions for wear. Customers will be able to visualize the ideal setting for their saree of choice as well as other tasteful deviations they can explore.

Even our categorization of products are at a highly granular level, broken down to the degree of various sub-styles within a particular generic (under silk, you would have the different design cultures Kanchipuram, Benaras, Tussar and others distinguished individually).

A taste of our persona, a touch of refinement

Rithihi is an identity, one that we have nurtured for decades. It defines our thought, mannerisms and ultimately, our actions. Every piece we craft or source, is a reflection of it. 

Our online presence, if we have succeeded, should give you a comprehensive idea of what the Rithihi identity is and in doing so, also enlighten you as to what can be expected from us. 

The affinity we have for various art forms and the inspiration they give to our process of creation will be evident through the many collaborations and endorsements that are highlighted. Naturally, with such a close inclination to art, it goes without saying that each of our wares carry some essence of the art or cultural movement behind its inspiration, which ultimately fuses with your own perception of individuality. No other experience of online saree shopping in Sri Lanka offers such a concentration of substance through any one product.

With an expansive selection sarees, textiles, shawls, stoles, ready-to-wear items and accessories, crafted from a variety of fabrics and materials, all presented with a sense of artful depth that speaks to more than your utilitarian desires, Rithihi ‘online’ promises a truly transformative experience. What began as a simple search query of ‘buy sarees online Sri Lanka’, will end up becoming a journey of greater fulfilment.