Like a leaf in the sun

Growth is not a battle to be hurried, but a slow walk down the road from home.

We’re musing on the idea of growth, especially at times like this, when things seem to have been brought to a halt. Looking at plantlife—living things that are synonymous with the idea of growth, despite being rooted in one place—we realise that it’s about simply working at something slowly, while staying in focus. This plant at the Rithihi store tells us to channel our energy and resources, as they come, without losing sense of that wonderfully warm sunlit spot where we want to be.

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Step in, float away

A story of a woman engrossed in hand embroidery upon a West-Bengali riverbank will float in with the music, as you enjoy the sight of a particularly beautiful shawl. At one quiet corner, you will suddenly get pulled into a new tale through a musical portal, where Nandi— Shiva’s sacred bull and symbol of patience— will sit unhurriedly at the entrance of Banaras temple. As you walk past vibrantly coloured sarees neatly folded to make a beautiful geometry, the sounds ringing in your ears will paint images of hands moving across the loom in a lovely up-down and sideways dance…

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